We Are ProPacts

For Fans: Built by passionate fans and pro athletes.

The world is in a weird spot, as it seems that everyday, there is a bigger divide in the reactive social media community.

Enter active social engagement!

In our virtual arena, you can interact with friends, family, like-minded fans, and pro athletes who will always have your back. They’re right there with you through thick and thin, wins and losses, and all the cheers and cries. Our engaging virtual arenas are here to build communities up and help everyone in them learn from each other through our positively-focused interactions.

ProPacts builds online communities, celebrating the positive imPACT PROfessional sports and athletes have on us all. Our favorite teams and favorite players help bring us all together as one, well-engaged community.

With ProPacts Game Day Experiences, sports fans can hang out and talk about their favorite teams and the latest games with one another, as well as professional athletes. Creating a unique online community that celebrates interaction and sports. Every ProPacts event is hosted by pro athletes, giving fans an opportunity to connect with some of their favorite players, talk about the game, ask questions, and be a part of an experience unlike any other.

ProPacts is here to evolve your Game Day experience. Are you ready?

Social Awareness

We’re proud to partner with our local communities to make a difference in the world. Our athletes generously give back and can become the face of campaigns. Each athlete is unique and loves to raise awareness for causes that are close to their hearts. In a world with too much information, we can help refine your message through the passion, campaigning, and spirit of our athletes.

Social Give Back

We Host Several Corporate Events In Support Of Local Community Charities And Non-Profits. If You Feel Your Organization Is In Need Of A Helping Hand, We Are More Than Happy To Help.  We Are Always Open To Need Ideas And Events To Support Our Local Communities – Connect With Us, And We Will Ensure Your Voice Is Heard!

Interactive game day experiences from the comfort of your home.

Welcome to the future of the virtual arena!