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“Your Experience Your Way”

Corporate Connections Re-Imagined

Our Virtual Arena replicates a real conference room, with tables, lounges, multiple floors, and a stage. It’s a complete gamechanger for the virtual world.

Jump effortlessly from table-to-table to network with others in the room. We have a variety of table sizes to accommodate group conversations, or pull someone aside for a one-on-one chat!

Whether it be entertaining clients, holding a conference or reconnecting with your virtual team. Our Virtual Arena is the ultimate opportunity to interact, engage and network like live events

Whether it be a virtual event or hybrid event we can replicate the perfect venue!

Tradeshow Seminar
Conference Lounge

Corporate Game Day Experience

Book a Corporate Game Day Experience with ProPacts for up to 500 of your staff.

Your personalized gameday experience will include an MC, several Pro Athletes from the ProPacts roster, ProPacts staff members who are always ready to help, and an interactve digital stadium!

All planned and personalized by you and the ProPacts team to create the ultimate Corporate Game Day Experience for your team.

Plan a Private Game Day Experience with ProPacts and start creating your customized digital stadium today!

Features that will charge your virtual experience:

Floor Plan

Highly customizable 3-D floor plans that can be rendered to 80% of specification of any environment or dreamed space!

Multiple Connections And Conversations

Connect with multiple people at multiple tables with a simple click. Just like playing musical chairs but created for today’s virtual world.

Authentic Connection

Reconnect like in the real world with live video chat and the ability to have individualized conversations with a simple click

Interactive Technology

Drive interaction and engagement through live and in real time interactive word clouds, questions and polls

Presentation Mode

Screen sharing, Q&A function and speaker panel options for up to 20 people on stage.


Customize sponsor banners to drive drive traffic to your generous sponsors

Live Stream & Video Embedding

Live video streaming while everyone is at their tables to drive conversation and engagement


Connecting your staff and clients by utilizing our profile function, which includes adding your LinkedIn profile, Calendly and Website.

Events with Pro Athletes

Engaging insights and interactions with professional athletes and their personal journeys.
Work with us to re-capture real-life connection in an interactive virtual arena for your corporate team
The ultimate Interactive experience

Bring life back to your virtual events