Interactive Events with Pro Athletes that deliver:

Authentic Connection Meaningful Engagement Customized experiences

Our Story

Changing the game of virtual interaction

We’re a team of athletes and professionals focused on enhancing the virtual workplace through meaningful engagements using our proprietary interactive technology.

Our Impact Arena sets the stage for multiple interactions and can be customized for seminars, conferences, networking events and everything in-between.


Our Offerings


Connect with the character beyond the Athlete Persona

Our ImPact arena allows for multiple interactions at multiple tables on your fully customized floor plan. 


Take traditional training and development to a new level combining athletes’ compelling stories with interactive tech!

Our Roster

Current & former professional athletes.

We Give Back!

$200 from every corporate program is donated to Youth and
Diversity and Inclusion programs.

Our Coaches

Corporate trainers, educators & management.

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Our Team Strategies tailored to your company needs

Unlock your team’s full potential!