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Why Join ProPacts?

Plug-in directly to your team’s ecosystem

With our integrated ticketing gateway we design and align the page to your team’s brand guidelines seamlessly integrating the ticket portal into your website.

Reactive Fan Social Media vs Active Fan Social Engagement

Your team is always posting on social media trying to walk the fine line of too much or too little, the “meta” social sphere, is sooo last decade and really only provides reactive fan data.

Enter 2022 and beyond – your active social engagement platform for true fans rather than the rulely social media mob. Give your fans a voice and an opportunity to get closer to your team. Dialed in analytics to engage and understand your truest and most passionate fanbase….

Turn-key or just Tech, you choose your solution

We have set up a-la-carte playbooks for all of our digital events. Whether you want our team to run the digital events, or wish to be trained up to host in-house. We can be your full service provider or the SAAS solution for your digital stadium.

New revenue streams

Sponsorship opportunities – check
Sportsbook integrations – check
Corporate ticketing – check
Fan ticketing – check

Need we say more? Financial forecasts included for our turn-key events:

Fan Gameday Watch Parties

Ticketed or non-ticketed virtual watch parties with team alumni providing game insights and interacting with fans through all of our interactive capabilities.

Virtual Sports Betting Arena

Whether your state or province is currently legalized to bet on sports, some of your fans are. Host interactive game day events with integrated sports books to create a more engaging game experience for your fans.

Corporate Game Day Virtual Box

Host corporate gameday watch parties with Alumni providing insights into the game with corporate sponsors and partners.

NFT auctions

NFT cards are cool, NFT minting moments provide real fan value. Auction off and drive competition to bid on moments in team history with limited edition NFT’s.

Team Meet & Greets

Line up some of the talent on the roster on an off day and hold an interactive Q&A and digital autograph session with your fanbase. Your players will be thankful and energized they can do this from the comfort of their home.

Charity Fundraisers

Galas, fundraisers and silent auctions, we have you covered and provide more interactive tools such as 50/50 integrations to ensure your charity fundraiser is a success.
And more…. From Season ticket holder exclusives to draft parties, we build playbooks to host turnkey events to drive more fan engagement and revenues for your team.

Celebrating the positive imPACT PROfessional sports and athletes have on us all.

Team Onboarding Procedures

Each team is unique and we can customize onboarding as needed but for general understanding:

Want more info? One of our team activation members will reach out to you directly.

Want us to reach out, one of our team activation members will reach out to you directly

Interactive game day experiences from the comfort of your home.

Welcome to the future of the virtual arena!