Athlete Placement

Matching athletes to organizations for both short and long term needs

Our Roster

Current & former professional athletes.

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Why our Athletes?

Our athletes have acquired skills through their playing career that go beyond the field, court, track, and ice. The skills— teamwork, communication, leadership, adaptability, drive and many others—have won them championships. These interpersonal talents and skills can prove to be valuable in many workplaces. We work with athletes as they transition into the next chapter of their careers. In order to find the “right fit”, athletes undergo numerous tests and compatibility training to identify post-athletic careers that best suit their personalities, behavioral learning and talents. Connect with the right athlete to send the right message to your organization as a one off event or on a regular basis. We interact with your team and relate their athletic anecdotes to the corporate world.  We match athletes to organizations where they can prove their value and excel in their second careers.

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