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Current or retired pro athletes join you and your fellow fans during every ProPacts live, virtual event. Meet some of your favorite stars of the game and hear directly from them about the game day action and their experiences in professional sports.

Imagine telling your friends you watched your favorite team beat a rival all while talking about the game with a professional athlete!

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Victoria Bach

Member - Canada's National Women's Team

Hi, my name is Victoria, a member of Team Canada National Women’s team and former NCAA collegiate player for Boston University. I’m thrilled to share my knowledge and experience to deliver virtual workplace engagement training focused on goal setting and competition with corporate clients.

I am proudly Indigenous. My background stems from The Mohawks Bay of Quinte, which is a Mohawk First Nations community within Hastings County, Ontario. I am proud to represent the First Nations community and help build a legacy through my family as well as continue to educate myself about the Indigenous community and help inspire others.

Most people will say I have achieved many accolades in my professional hockey career, winning a gold medal for Team Canada, becoming BU’s all time leading scorer, rookie of the year honors and finalist of the Patty Kazmaier Award. Many people would refer to these experiences as “defining moments.” From my perspective those moments did not define me, my character defined those moments and led me to those opportunities in time.

I define myself as a driven & motivated teammate who always looks to see the positive in any win or loss. Through communication, teamwork and different forms of leadership and goal setting– any loss can be a starting point for a new, bigger, better win.

These life experiences along with my communication degree have provided me well-rounded mindset & skill set that provide me with the ability to win in any environment that I encounter.

Brian Gionta

NHL Alumni

Cody McCormick

Indigenous NHL Alumni

Hey, I’m Cody. I embarked on my journey with the ProPacts team after retiring from the NHL, playing 432 games split between the Avalanche, Wild, and Sabres. I’m enlivened to use my skills and experience to deliver virtual workplace engagement training focused on motivation and diversity & inclusion to corporate clients.

Following retirement, promoting hockey skills development and working with young hockey players have been my main focus. I’ve also coached the Buffalo Beauts, a professional women’s hockey team to the league championship game in the 2018-19 season.

I’m proud of my Chippewa/Oneida heritage and I’m a member of the Chippewas of the Thames First Nation. Through my Oneida line, I’m a part of the Wolf Clan. 

My Indigenous heritage has been something I’ve always valued. This passion has led me to travel to many First Nation communities across Canada and the USA where I host hockey clinics and speak with youth about my experiences. The message I convey is that hard work, dedication, and commitment can help them achieve their goals. I know this because during my own career, I had to overcome many challenges – and I was rewarded for my efforts.

I believe that involvement in sports can help youth in many ways, including wellness and by helping to provide a focus in life. The “Little NHL” Hockey Tournament was always a big part of the hockey season for my older brother Jesse and myself. Playing for several different teams over the years, we enjoyed playing with other Indigenous players, renewing old friendships and making new friends.

Working with various First Nation, Metis and Inuit youth, I aim to promote the benefits of healthy living through sports and wellness. Through on-ice training sessions and interactive learning engagements, I encourage youth to discover their personal power and abilities to achieve success in their own chosen life path.

Bruno Gervais

NHL Alumni

Dan Gronkowski

NFL Alumni

Maddie Elia

Current Member PWHPA

Nicole Hensley


Patrick Kaleta

NHL Alumni

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