Quest for the Corporate

The ultimate team building activity with pro athletes & multiple escape rooms


1 Hour

Available in

The Impact Arena



The ultimate fun & entertaining
team building game with Pro Athletes.

Team building Escape Rooms

Three different 3d virtual venues each with different challenges.

Each team competes to gain points before moving onto the next room

Team building challenges

Fun team building activities & challenges to build your team cohesiveness like the pros

Ice Breakers

Break the ice and interact within the impact arena to set the tone for the event

Scavenger Hunt

Find different clues throughout the impact arena to piece together and solve the puzzle

Pub Crawl

Hop to your favorite seat in the pub and answer trivia to score a spot in the finals

Team Trivia

Two teams compete head to head in the finals answering questions about the organization and their teammates

Are you ready for the Corporate Cup Challenge?

Escape Rooms & Challenges change Monthly

Team building done differently – Build your team cohesiveness with Pro Athletes.