Synergy Events

Team Building + Keynote = Synergy Events

Beyond motivation. Experiences that elevate.  

Synergy events are brought to you by professional athletes who fuse compelling keynote topics with skill-based challenges and experiences.

Champion’s Ship + Agile Management

Teams use resources and set specific roles within to build a ship that might sail. No one wants to be the person to sink the ship – think agile – be agile – perform agile.

In the virtual version

we create a version of Battleship with your team incorporating some agile processes along the way. These agile processes are presented as an interactive experience ensuring a fun, experiential learning environment.

Thinking Outside the Recycling Box + The Creative Process/Mindset.

One’s trash turned into another’s treasure. We provide recycled products & supplies. Teams provide the artwork. Silent Voting style wins. The complimentary keynote subject matter is focused on the creative process and the need for this mindset in a world where AI will automate many processes

In the virtual version

our improved interactive version of Dictionary is assured to ignite some laughs.  Our team-based challenges focus on the creative mindset where teams have to work together to draw subject matter we pick from the box.

Champion’s Ship +
Agile Management

Inspired by The Amazing Race, this program combines the elements of treasure hunting, problem-solving and urban orienteering. Emerging from the office, the teams discover the city traveling by bus, taxi, metro and on foot. Exploring your city in new ways will undoubtedly spark some creativity and new ideas.

In an interactive map app of the world, teams go through customized challenges in regions worldwide. They have to use research and team communication, answering challenges posed to earn points. We cycle back with the whole group at the end to review the learning challenges.

Team Success

“What Makes a Teamt Work?”

An adapted seminar to reflect the realities and needs of your organization. Interactive, experiential learning challenges that enable participants to explore and understand the criteria required for successful teams. Team Success Seminar is a highly popular and impactful program that is interesting to many personalities and learning styles. We work with an organizational leader through a pre-event orientation to ensure all information is relatable to the organizational structure and goals.

The Domain Game + The Domain Game + Teamwork

Inspired by the classic Risk board game. Conquer the world with strategic thinking while bonding and having fun: high-fives, cheers, and laughs follow the five-minute challenges where the winner gets to keep the territory.

In the virtual version

It’s a choose-your-own-adventure style of learning theory leading to different situational outcomes. The team must evaluate risk vs. Reward to choose the ideal outcome. Teams have many multiple pathways to multiple outcomes. Teams may not like their outcome and can choose to re-run the adventure from the start. The ideal situational outcome is pre-vetted by management – hopefully, it aligns with the perfect outcome of the team.

World Café  + Objectives & Actionable Items

Explore the questions that matter by borrowing concepts from informal cafe conversations. A flexible format that adapts to different circumstances. This is an ideal team-building experience enabling meaningful conversations driven by participants.

In the virtual version

In this trivial pursuit version of team-building –questions are posed by different departments to other departments or team members to gain perspective of the responsibilities of each member or department. The little details add up to the big picture in all organizations, and a better understanding leads to a more cohesive team.  We finish with an overview of how all the teams’ responsibilities add up to accomplish the organizational goals

BBQ Challenge +

In-person only

In these sizzling team challenges, the groups secure their funding to buy flavorful ingredients and create their dishes. Things will heat up as the tasks require mutual effort, cooperation, creativity, innovation and resource management. No team gets roasted as they all feast together on their culinary delights.

Custom Solutions +

Collaborate with us to maximize the impact of your experience. You pick the subject matter or learning theory; we build an experience that will exceed your expectation. Our proprietary engagement model focuses on experiential learning through relatable experiences. We customize the experience using interactive, customized learning resources, post-real-time results and fuse a compelling story from professional athletes.

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